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Marketing Excellence
Understand the concept of marketing and its evolution, the environment of marketing function, and the role of marketing function in the organization.
Modules : 12 Durations : 20-30 mins.

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Session Name Description
Introduction to Marketing Understand the concept of marketing and its evolution, the environment of marketing function and role of marketing function in the organization
Marketing Strategy Understand the overview of Marketing Process, marketing Strategy & marketing plans (Marketing Mix) and marketing activities (Execution of Strategy and Plans)
Market research Understand market research process and how it is used to analyze consumer markets and business Markets as well as to analyze competition
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) Understand core concepts such as Market Segmentation (Niche Marketing, Customization & Personalization), Target Marketing and Positioning
Branding Understand concept of Brand Equity and Brand Positioning
Shaping up the Offerings (Creating Value) Understand the process of setting up the product strategy, designing & managing services and developing pricing Strategies
Making the offerings available (Delivering Value) Understand important aspects of product decisions related to delivering value such as availability Utility (Place Utility + Time Utility), distribution, retailing logistics
Integrated Marketing Communication (Communicating Value) Specific needs of communicating for marketing including managing mass communication and managing personal communication
Tapping the world of Internet for Marketing How to use technology for effective marketing such as creating online presence, selling online and use of social media
Sales Function Understand the process of selling, nuances of B2B sales, B2C sales, and improving effectiveness of selling and negotiations
Services marketing Understand the nature of service offering, nuances of marketing the services and managing customer satisfaction in services
Getting ready for future Current trends, technical, social impact of marketing as well as financial implications of marketing efforts.