Terms And Conditions

For class training

For in class training terms will be specified based on the programs

For elearning usage

User can view the elearning programs as often as desired till license time expires.

The viewing license if for single user and is non transferrable.

The simulation licenses are valid for single user only.

The extension of viewing license is allowed at the discretion of Enhance & Excel.

User agrees not to make copy of the content in any form and share with anyone, without prior permission of Enhance & Excel.

User also agrees to share details such as browser details while sharing any issues related to viewing experience.

User is aware that some of the content is big in size and time taken to download such content is will depend on network conditions which is not in control of enhance & excel.

Enhance & Excel has taken maximum precaution to ensure that intellectual property rights are respected. If any user notices any violation, you should raise to support@enhanceandexcel.com Such content will be permanently withdrawn

Hosting customized programs using ene-masterclass - The copy right of such program will be decided by the mutual parties and is displayed in the program.

Such programs are available for sale to specific customer only.

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