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Building Strategic Perspective
Business is about making right moves all the times and that needs understanding your business, your environment and how the game of business would develop. You may be in operational role or senior role, developing the strategic perspective improves your decision and at the same time you can start appreciating other’s decision!
Modules : 17 Durations : 20-30 minute each module.

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Session Name Description
Introduction The module that introduces the course and concept called strategy
Environment Analysis - I Analysis of internal and external analysis
Core competencies and competitive advantage Looks at concept of resource based view, core competency and analysis of value chain
Environment Analysis – II Various business experts have proposed models to analyze the environment. Learn at various models for analysis such as SWOT, PEST, Porter’s five forces, BCG matrix and so on
Nature and scope of business Analyze various types of industries and business dynamics in the same
Games people play When we analyze the environment, we should also understand how they will react to our strategies. This small introduction to game theory, will make you sensitive about the actions and reactions so tha
Business Strategy Formulation Now that you have done the analysis, you may take up the steps to form your own strategy. This module talks about typical approaches taken by business such as low price or niche differentiation , talk
Organic growth This module talks about strategy of “organic growth”, the pros and cons as well various options to get healthy organic growth
Growth through M & A Organic growth can take you to some level – But growing exponentially is possible only if you grow by acquiring. This module talks about pros and cons of inorganic growth and how to manage the challen
Cross border growth Part of growth is growing beyond the geographic boundaries. This module looks at challenges posed by cross border growth
Strategy during slowdown Economy will go through swings. When economy is growing, most often poor strategy would also succeed. But you have right strategy if you understand the impact of downturn.
The background of strategy vision mission and values Strategy is based on the pillars of vision, mission and values. This module talks about these core concepts so that you can link them with strategy
From strategy to results Once your frame the strategy, often it will call for changes in organization. We look at handling impact of strategic change
Strategic decision making You may define the strategy, but it is of no use, if your decision making does not use it as reference. This module looks at basics of decision making and how strategy acts as guiding force in decisio
Aligning functional strategies Once the business strategy is defined, various functions choose their strategy. The strategy of each function influences strategy of other functions and the functional strategy get influenced by and
Balanced score card How to map the strategy to useful targets and goals? The balanced score card framework provides the mechanism for defining strategic goals. This module explains the same.
Sustainable business The strategy is not just about winning today but sustaining in long run. This module talks about topics such as corporate governance, green strategies and social responsibility.