Enhancing Business Performance: Approach

Enhance & Excel can collaborate with you in the journey of excellence in various ways as follows -

Leadership development consulting:

Even the best of systems cannot deliver value if the people following the systems are not motivated, engaged or capable. To get the best out of the team, leadership potential needs to be developed. The developmental need for leadership at various stages such as junior, mid and senior level vary due to nature of work as well as maturity level of leaders. Leadership development involves a range of activities such as identifying key competencies, assessing leadership potential, developing leaders by giving functional and behavioral inputs and providing coaching support.

Consulting for leadership development will typically encompass the following:
1. Diagnostic study for assessing needs
2. Identification of potential leaders and assessing their potential
3. Plan for development through training, coaching and other
4. Assist leaders in development and assess the progress

Simulation based leadership development :

As young leaders and functional leaders grow in the organizations, they need to acquire skills that are beyond their functions. Realization of the need to acquire these skills and practicing them is best achieved by simulation based training. The simulation provides rich opportunity to observe, understand and develop strategic perspective. It also highlights various behavioral aspects such as team behaviors, decision making, risk taking and entrepreneurship.

Operational excellence consulting :

Operational excellence addresses systems and processes prevalent in the organization. The following 5-step approach is fairly typical of such consulting

1. Know the current status (“as is” evaluation)
2. Apply lean manufacturing and systems engineering principles to identify improvement areas
3. Prepare stakeholders for change
4. Roll out changes by involving stakeholders at all stages
5. Learn from the experience

Based on identified status and needs of the organization and the problems it faces, appropriate tools are deployed to introduce operational excellence rigor. Enhance & Excel would guide and hand-hold continually and help implement the identified appropriate tools most effectively.

Engagements in Creativity:

Process improvement and leadership development are key inputs for any transformation that an organization has to address. However transformation also requires thinking out-of-the-box and innovation. Organizations can enhance their performance beyond the incremental only if the culture of creativity takes root in the organization, and leaders are encouraged to be creative themselves and to support innovation in their organization. Enhance & Excel would provide various possibilities to unleash creativity.

Holistic approach towards Capabilities Enhancement :

Enhance & Excel supports a holistic approach towards capability enhancement. We will rope in consultants and practitioners from various fields as appropriate, consistent with a participative and supportive engagement philosophy. The approach could embrace activities such as training with powerful experiential pedagogies including simulations, hands-on exercises and case studies, as also supporting people and projects as coach, mentor and consultant.

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