VFD - Variable Frequency Drives

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VFD - Variable Frequency Drives
Variable frequency drives (VFD) are widely used in industry for better process control as well as energy optimization. This course brings to you a detailed know-how about basic concepts, applications, selection, configuration, operations, and maintenance of VFD.
Modules : 12 Durations : 30-40 minute each module.

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Speed Control of Motors – Basic Concepts Basic Concepts (Force, Angular velocity, Linear velocity, Torque), DC motor (concept, advantages, disadvantages), AC motor (concept, advantages, disadvantages), Simpler control methods, Controlling DC Motors
Application of VFD Why VFD, benefits, applications, Use of VFD and energy efficiency of the system, three classes of operation
Motor Drives - Basics Controlling speed, controlling torque & speed, efficiency of the system, Variable Speed Drives, Varying frequency and voltage, Different modes of operation of a drive, Dynamic response of an adjustable speed electric motor drive system, DC Drives, Servo drives, The difference between VFD and servo drive
Structure of VFD VFD Technology, The topology of VFD, Power electronic devices - Thyristor or SCR – Silicon Controlled Rectifier, GTOs – Gate turn off thyristors, Fast switching transistors, IGBTs – Insulated gate bipolar transistors, Rectifier, Inverter, PID, PID control strategies
Advanced VFD topologies VVVF -Variable Voltage Variable Frequency control, Voltage boosting, Constant Volts per Hertz Operation, Operating Regions, Vector Drive, AFR - Active Front end rectifier Topologies.
VFD Selection VFD Specifications, User Parameters, Motor Selection, Cable Selection, Energy saving using VFDs in centrifugal machines, Steps to estimate saving, Special Features of VFD, VFD Selection, Drive specifications
Advanced VFD configurations Use of Common Rectifier, Multiple drive systems, N+S Configuration/ Hot Standby Configuration / Dual Tandem Configuration, Redundant VFD, VFD with DOL backup or Bypass, how to bypass a VFD, LCI inverters - Load Commutated Inverters, Dynamic braking, Regenerative Drives, Medium Voltage MV drives
Operating motors using VFD Start, stop, flying start, skip frequency, dynamic breaking, regenerative breaking etc. Field applications of programmable parameters.
VFD as part of a larger system Safety concerns, Harmonics and mitigation, large capacity MV drives, vector drives and servo drives.
Installation and maintenance Installation, maintenance, commissioning and safety concerns
Testing of VFD FAT and SAT testing procedures
Special topics Input considerations, protection considerations, output considerations (reflected wave phenomenon), EMI / RFI, harmonics, redundancy considerations
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