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Project Management
Project Management is becoming a necessary skill in most organizations since they are adapting to project management structures. In this course we look at project management conceptually so that it can be applied in various situations such as infrastructure projects, new product development projects, IT projects, and so on.
Modules : 11 Durations : 40-60 mins.

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Session Name Description
Introduction to Project Management Learn about - What is a project and what are the typical management challenges in a project.
Estimation Learn about - How to estimate time, effort and cost of a project.
Project budgeting and costing Learn about - Techniques such as IRR, pay-back etc. is explained along with simple concepts in costing.
Project Planning Learn about - Basics of planning and how to use the network to arrive at details of materials and resources (MRP).
Project Network As precursor to planning, this module explains concepts of project network.
Project execution and control Learn about - Project control, project reviews, use of metrics to manage the project.
Risk management Learn about - How to handle risks in projects.
Stakeholder management Learn about - The issues of handling different stakeholders and conflicts.
Project leadership Learn about - The basics of leadership, particularly influencing needs of project leader.
Project tips and tricks Learn about - Few simple tips about project initiation, time and stress management etc.
Special situations So far the modules are generic addressing all types of projects, In this module we look at special considerations that are required for IT projects (development and maintenance), infrastructure projects (green field and brown field), new product development projects (new development, product change), events, organization change projects.