Energy Wise
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An industry-oriented e-learning course that will enable students to analyze and apply energy conservation ideas and techniques. This course brings to light the concept of energy conservation, its need in the current times, methods which can facilitate energy conservation in various types of equipment and the methods to financially justify such endeavors.
Developed by faculty having a vast industry experience of 35+ years and 100+ audits, the course brings out the practical applications of concepts that the students may otherwise know theoretically. The successful completion of this course shall make the students more sensitive towards energy usage. It shall enable them to identify areas of improvement, to relate the conservation practices with financial performance and also be ready to assist an Energy Manager or an Energy auditor.

Modules : 20 Durations : 50-90 minute each module.

Program Details

Session Name Description
Principles of Energy Conservation Learn about the basic principles of energy conservation.
Energy Management A brief introduction to energy management.
Energy Audit A brief introduction to energy audit.
Green Building Energy conservation through green building.
HVAC & R Systems Applying energy conservation in HVAC & R systems.
Pumping Systems Applying energy conservation in Compressor Water Systems.
Compressor Fans and Blowers Applying energy conservation in Compressor Fans and Blowers.
Electrical and Lighting Systems Applying energy conservation in compressed air and water systems.
Furnaces and Boilers Energy management in furnaces and boilers.
Steam and Condensate Systems Energy management in steam and condensate systems.
IC Engines and Gas Turbines Energy management in IC engines and gas turbines.
Cogeneration, Waste Heat Recovery Energy conservation through co-generation and waste heat recovery.
Wind and Hydro Power A brief introduction to wind and hydro energy.
Solar Energy A brief introduction to solar energy.
Other Energy Sources Learn about alternative sources of energy such as biomass, nuclear energy, geothermal, and so on.
Energy Storage Technology Learn about various energy storage technologies.
Greenhouse Gas Control Learn about the implementation of greenhouse gas controls
Energy Conservation Act 2001 and Electricity Act 2003 Learn about the legal aspects related to energy in India.
Climate Change - International Initiatives A brief history of international climate change initiatives.
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) An introduction to the clean development mechanism

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