Electrical Project Engineering
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Electrical Project Engineering
The course which promises to prepare you for the promising opportunities in the various domains of the electrical industry. It aims to bridge the gap between the industry and academia by catering to the needs of fresh graduates as well as those of the industry. It does so by covering a wide continuum of topics right from the basics of electrical engineering to HT Systems, Distribution Systems and many more. Like many of our other courses, this one course brings in examples from the field, making it a highly beneficial learning experience for the participants. The quizzes at the end of each module along with the test series in the ene-masterclass test centre complete this learning cycle by evaluating your understanding of the matter.

Modules : 11 Durations : 30-50 minute each module.

Program Details

Session Name Description
Introduction A very brief introduction to history and status of electrical engineering industry in India.
Basics of Electrical Engineering Recap of basic concepts that are required in rest of the modules
Contractual Obligations of Contractor Introduction to contract, the content, precautions to be taken and typical errors
Earthing and Lighting Protection Understand the need for protection, methods of protection and typical approach in installation
Electrical Safety and Fire Introduction to working practices that lead to safe working environment and prevents electrical hazards
Statutory Requirements The regulation framework, with introduction to typically required clauses of various regulations.
Project Requirements, Co-ordination Working in infrastructure projects, coordination with other services such as HVAC and typical requirements from electrical department from these services
HT Systems Starting from utility input information about HT meters, isolators, HT breakers, transformers, cables and busbars in the form of General information, Installation and testing
Back Up Systems DG sets and UPS systems – General information, Installation and testing
Distribution Systems Information about APFC / RPFC panel, switch gear, LT cables, PDB/LDB in the form of General information, Installation and testing
Point Wiring Information about classification of point wiring, methods, components, layouts, wiring of data centers, and installation and testing of Point wiring

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