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Cyber Security
Security is an essential part of life in today’s times. Our lives having teleported into the virtual world, security, quite naturally, extends to the virtual world too. Security in this virtual world is very rightly known as ‘Cyber Security’. We provide a foundation course for anyone who is using computers and the internet, and an advanced course for those who are involved in managing IT infrastructure.
Modules : 4 (foundation) / 12 (advanced) Durations : 30-50 minute each module.

Foundation course Details

Session Name Description
Fundamentals of Cyber Security This module shall highlight the various Information Security Systems and Policies and also enlist the various Security concerns that we face in the virual world today.
Internet and Cyber Crime This module shall introduce us to the Cyber Crimes and their types. It shall also discuss how data is transferred on Internet.
Cyber Security Solutions This module shall help us with the steps that can be taken for ensuring Cyber Security on our computers and mobiles.
Cyber Security Good Practices This module highlight the Dos and Donts that we need to keep in mind.

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Advanced Course Details

Session Name Description
Background: Foundation Course This module shall help you revist the concepts that were covered in the Foundation Course.
Anatomy of Online Crimes How do you recognize online crimes?
Cryptography techniques Learn about various cryptography techniques.
Biometrics The role of biometrics in Cyber Security.
Layer wise security Securing data through layer wise security.
Server security - VPN security Learn how to protect your servers.
Email security Learn how to protect your email data.
Mobile Security Learn how to protect your mobile device.
Ensuring Business Continuity – Hot Standby Learn how to ensure business continuity in case of a cyber attack.
Ensuring Business Continuity – Secu rity of IPR assets Learn how to ensure business continuity in case of a cyber attack.
Information Privacy Learn about privacy and protection of data.
Digital Certificates and Digital Signatures A brief look at digital certificates and digital signatures.
IT Act 2000 and Electronic Governance The legal side of cyber security in India

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