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Being People Right
Being People Right is a course that will help you deal with the day-to-day issues of employees in the corporate world. Working in harmony with employees can make manager’s work simpler without any hassles. Points like delegation of work, handling conflicts among employees, performance review process, rewarding employees, and many more are clearly discussed in the form of a dialogue for easy understanding by the learner.
Modules : 8 Durations : 20-30 mins.

Program Details

Session Name Description
Attracting Best Talent Learn about – Effective workforce planning, strategy to close competency gaps, process of identifying and hiring right talent, job analysis, and job description, and different types of interviews.
Performance Review Discussion Learn about – Goal based approach of assessing behaviour, common mistakes managers make while performance reviews, art of giving and receiving feedback and advantages and disadvantages.
Performance Management System Learn about – Monitoring performance, performance rating and evaluation, and advantages and disadvantages.
Handling Conflicts Learn about – Conflict avoidance, types and sources of conflicts, and conflict resolution approach.
Delegation Learn about – How and when to delegate, advantages and disadvantages, and what not to delegate.
Managing Difficult Employees Learn about – Problems by difficult employees and approach to handle them, also know about progressive discipline situations, and addressing termination.
Rewards and Motivation Learn about – Motivation theories, process of motivating team, Common mistakes committed by managers while rewarding employees, and objectives of rewarding.
Coaching and Mentoring Learn about – Difference between coaching and mentoring, effective individual and team coaching, benefits of coaching and mentoring.